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About Perfounder

Beijing Perfounder Consulting Co., Ltd. over the past decade has focused on Science and Technology advisory services, Investment and Financing consulting services and Public Relations consulting services.

We specialize in technology consulting to small and medium enterprises in the SME Technology Innovation Fund to provide reporting agency services, The Electronics Industry Development Funds reporting agency services, The Special Funds for the Development of Cultural and Creative Industries reporting agency services, The Transformation of Agriculture into Capital reporting agency services, National key new product consulting services, Product Innovation and other Technology consulting services.

We work with Beijing, Shanghai, Hubei, Guangdong and other regional science and technology department and technology park management established a partnership to promote the industrialization of science and technology projects and technological achievements. With professional service and quality, has won a good reputation and consistent with appreciation of their partners. In 2010, we received The Beijing Xicheng District Special Science and Technology Intermediary Financial Awards.

In terms of investment and financing consulting the demand side of our funds to provide financial consulting, demand for the project provided project consulting; and domestic and foreign industrial investment fund, Venture Capital (VC), Private Equity (PE) to establish long-term cooperation and common in the investment and financing to carry out mutually beneficial cooperation, comprehensive support for the development of SMEs.

In the public relations consulting and services we provide coverage for the IT, telecommunications, automotive, financial, tourism, new media and other industries and areas of public relations solutions. To provide professional media relations, Digital Comms, Event Planning & Execution, Executive Positioning, Analyst Relations,Issue & Crisis Management, Government Relations and other services.

We have a lean business team, are the backbone of our core technology from the well-known investment companies, investment funds and public relations firms, all with more than 8 years in related fields wealth of practical experience and professional service capabilities. Our highly skilled core team is to provide efficient execution of protection!

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